Ogden Avenue Staff Directory

Extensions can be direct dialed by calling 708-215-xxxx, where xxxx is the extension number.
Email is the preferred method of contact.

Last Name First Name Position Email Extension
Adams Cynthia Grade 2 adamscy@dist102.k12.il.us 6674
Alfano Alexis Grade 1 alfanoal@dist102.k12.il.us 6633
Anderson Michelle Grade 6 andersonmi@dist102.k12.il.us 6636
Baratta Cheryl Para barattach@dist102.k12.il.us  
Cagle Catherine Grade 1 cagleca@dist102.k12.il.us 6686
Campbell Lynette Assistant Principal campbellly@dist102.k12.il.us 6688
Carter Michael Grade 4 cartermi@dist102.k12.il.us 6785
Clawson Elizabeth Secretary/Data Custodian clawsonel@dist102.k12.il.us 6601
Connors Jaime Grade 4 connorsja@dist102.k12.il.us 6678
Dean James World Language deanja@dist102.k12.il.us  
Dobry Aimee Grade 1 dobryai@dist102.k12.il.us 6679
Gora Gloria Para goragl@dist102.k12.il.us  
Gross Michelle Grade 5 grossmi@dist102.k12.il.us 6669
Guelfi Andrea Grade 2 guelfian@dist102.k12.il.us 6781
Hadraba Katharine Special Education Teacher hadrabaka@dist102.k12.il.us 6786
Howley Ronda Grade 1 howleyro@dist102.k12.il.us 6609
Hutchinson Clare Grade 5 hutchinsoncl@dist102.k12.il.us 6632
James Eric Special Ed jameser@dist102.k12.il.us  
Kalis Sarah Resource Teacher kalissa@dist102.k12.il.us 6787
Kaminski Jennifer Grade 3 kaminskije@dist102.k12.il.us 6629
Kapinus Michele Grade 2 kapinusmi@dist102.k12.il.us  
Kielbasa Sarah Grade 2 kielbasasa@dist102.k12.il.us 6608
Layden Angela LRC aide laydenan@dist102.k12.il.us  
LeGare Deborah Music legarede@dist102.k12.il.us 6615
Luxem Mary Therese Health Aide luxemma@dist102.k12.il.us 6624
McCauley Joe Principal mccauleyjo@dist102.k12.il.us 6600
Meeker Jennifer Instructional Coach meekerje@dist102.k12.il.us 6788
Moe Ryan Speech Language Pathologist moery@dist102.k12.il.us 6670
Moore Deborah Para moorede@dist102.k12.il.us  
Mosher Jeanine Grade 6 mosherje@dist102.k12.il.us 6641
Napoli Cheryl Grade 2 napolich@dist102.k12.il.us 6607
Noffsinger Andrew Art noffsingeran@dist102.k12.il.us 6616
Olsen Danyelle Nurse olsenda@dist102.k12.il.us 6650
Oplawski-Sedlacek Katharine Grade 1 oplawskika@dist102.k12.il.us 6604
Overman Maureen Tech Specialist overmanma@dist102.k12.il.us 6664
Oware-Asamoah Nana Psychologist owareasamoahna@dist102.k12.il.us 6789
Parra Selina Para parrase@dist102.k12.il.us  
Pelka William Custodian pelkabi@dist102.k12.il.us 6606
Petersen Tara Grade 4 petersenta@dist102.k12.il.us 6613
Peterson Polly Secretary/Data Custodian petersonpo@dist102.k12.il.us 6602
Pitelka Julia Librarian/Media Specialist pitelkaju@dist102.k12.il.us 6618
Plecas Angela Grade 3 plecasan@dist102.k12.il.us 6681
Repsis Anna Kindergarten repsisan@dist102.k12.il.us  
Revak Maria Grade 5 fikarisma@dist102.k12.il.us 6673
Robertson Vanessa Kindergarten robertsonva@dist102.k12.il.us 6663
Roscoe William Grade 5 roscoewi@dist102.k12.il.us 6637
Rowder Lauren Talent Development rowderla@dist102.k12.il.us 6634
Schroeder Jane Grade 6 schroederja@dist102.k12.il.us 6642
Serfling Kerri Math Interventionist serflingke@dist102.k12.il.us  
Shamet Kimberly Grade 6 shametki@dist102.k12.il.us 6611
Snyder Maia Interventionist snyderma@dist102.k12.il.us  
Sorensen Mary Reading Interventionist sorensenma@dist102.k12.il.us  
Spitzner Cara Grade 4 spitznerca@dist102.k12.il.us 6689
Thimmig Karen Special Education Teacher thimmigka@dist102.k12.il.us 6658
Toth Wendy Social Worker tothwe@dist102.k12.il.us 6626
Tusek Nancy Grade 3 tusekna@dist102.k12.il.us 6644
Valeika Elizabeth Para valeikael@dist102.k12.il.us  
Vaupell Lauren Grade 3 vaupellla@dist102.k12.il.us 6630
Wagner Nora Physical Therapist wagnerno@dist102.k12.il.us  
Walke Joy Resource Teacher walkejo@dist102.k12.il.us 6622
Wesa Kathleen Para wesaka@dist102.k12.il.us  
Westfall Daniel Custodian westfallda@dist102.k12.il.us 6606
Wilder Anthony PE wilderan@dist102.k12.il.us 6617
Wintersteen Ross Resource Teacher wintersteenro@dist102.k12.il.us 6610
Zak Chris PE zakch@dist102.k12.il.us 6652
Zima John Chief Custodian zimajo@dist102.k12.il.us 6606
Zuppa Laura Para zuppala@dist102.k12.il.us  
LaGrange School District 102
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